Pink Diamond Double Magic Ball Purple

Pink Diamond Double Magic Ball Purple

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- Double Dildo
- 2in1 sexercise toy, very easy to use and clean
- Fun for both female/male
- A New way of having fun

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not for me

Couldn't wait for it to arrive in the mail so i could test it out. Way to hard to balance on and couldn't even get the shafts in the right places. Way to time consuming and way too much work

Anonymous - January 25 2015

so much fun

my boyfriend gets the biggest hard-on when he watches me jump around on this magic, bouncing ball. He laughs he head off watching my try to get the dildos to fit into to my pussy and ass simultaneously. Well worth the money for all the hysterical sex fun it provides.

Anonymous - December 2 2014

Hard to Conquer

This toy is really eye catching and looks like it will provide a bunch of sex fun. Unfortunately after at least ten tries, i still don't seem to be able to balance on it and the inflatable dildos doesn't quite measure up with my holes. But i'm determined to conquer this sex toy and finally have a blast with it just like it's meant for.

Anonymous - December 2 2014


Never had a bigger workout and more sex fun. It takes a while to find you're balance and right position, but once you got that down, this is hell of a fun sex toy to jump around on. a must have

Anonymous - October 15 2014

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